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Training in Family & Systemic Therapy

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When Williamsroad began teaching in 1979, the Centre was one of the pioneering training centres for Family & Systemic Therapy in Australia. We have now educated over a thousand students in the ideas, techniques and evidence base of family & systemic therapy, and we have an established reputation for high quality leading-edge training in Family Therapy.

Research now clearly indicates that family-based interventions are among the most effective and enduring for a diverse range of problems. The evidence base shows that family & systemic therapy is especially useful for:

  • Behaviour and mood disorders, especially in children and adolescents
  • Trauma, grief & loss, and multigenerational trauma
  • Addiction & substance abuse
  • Mental illness, chronic pain management, chronic illness, and palliative care
  • Social withdrawl, isolation
  • Effecting systemic change in larger systems such as schools, public services, mental health services, or community groups.

Learning the techniques of family & systemic therapy can help you become more effective in your practice.

Postgraduate Training in Family & Systemic Therapy.

Since 1995, WRFTC has been delivering postgraduate (Masters level) training in family therapy, and many of our graduates have gone on to hold very senior positions in mental and community health in Australia and overseas. The program was the first to be VAFT-accredited and then AAFT accredited, and remains one of very few University Masters qualifications also accredited by the Australian Association of Family Therapy.

We have partnered with Australian Catholic University to provide Masters training in Family & Systemic Therapy.

At every level, the Williamsroad program emphasizes:

  • Developing and maintaining a balanced alliance
  • Systemic conceptualization of the family or human system
  • Attachment and trauma processes
  • Markers of change and change monitoring
  • Professional ethics, and
  • How to maximize impact of family and broader system interventions on the mental and relational health of individuals and their families.

We have have refreshed our 3-year AAFT-accredited training program in three ways:

  • The seminar component is taught in 6 x 3-day intensive modules in each year, to better fit with research on adult learning, as well as the practical needs of working professionals who undertake our training;
  • We have stronger emphasis on the evidence base - 'what works for whom' - bringing current research findings into the training at every year level
  • We include more skills practice at every level and within every module, with techniques such as reflecting team processes, role-play, group supervision, or theory-to-practice discussions.
Training Programs at Williamsroad

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Williams Road offers both Advanced Supervision and Clinical Internships for qualified psychologists who wish to undergo clinical training. This is offered through the Williams Road Family Therapy Clinic. Contact the Williamsroad reception to apply.

We also have the capacity to develop customised training programs for a range of organisations, across topics including Family & Systemic therapy, complex human systems, quality of practice, organisational dynamics, and human-systems interventions. Contact us for more information.