• Psychological Counselling for
    Individuals, Couples, Families,
    Extended and Blended Families,
    and Community Systems

  • AAFT accredited postgraduate training centre, delivering the ACU Master of Family & Systemic Therapy.

  • Tailored Training and Professional Supervision for Groups & Organisations

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    We have specialist practitioners for help with
    • Major mental illness,
    • Drug & alcohol abuse,
    • Family violence,
    • Trauma, grief & loss,
    • Anxiety & depression,
    • Chronic illness,
    • Couples conflict,
    • Child & adolescent mental health,
    • Extended families & blended families,
    • Refugee experiences and family heritage, and
    • Aged care

  • Medicare rebates are available for
    psychological services
    with a referral from your doctor.

    A low cost community clinic service
    is also available

Williamsroad Family Therapy Centre

Counselling & Therapy , Training & Supervision

Systemic Counselling & Therapy

The Family Therapy framework works on the understanding that a person's distress is often linked with their relationships to the people around them, both past and present - especially within their family.
Individuals & families participating in systemic therapy find that it helps repair relationships, and focuses the family's attention on improving daily life for everyone.

What can Family Therapy help with?
  • Mental Illness
  • Managing Grief and Loss
  • Transition into Aged Care
  • Learning & Behaviour Difficulties in Childhood
  • Substance Abuse
  • Addictions
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Past & Current Trauma
  • Social Withdrawl
  • Panic Attacks
  • Social Anxiety
  • Adolescent Depression and Anger
  • Men's stress, and intimate relationships
  • Couples Intimacy & Relationship Conflict
  • Acute or Chronic illnesses and relationships

    Some people come to see us with concerns about family issues or life transitions, while others come with concerns about a family member. We work collaboratively and in coordination with the other professionals in the family system: doctors, individual psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, social workers, family support agencies, schools, and child protection. This is especially true for families with complex issues, or suffering siginificant and long-standing distress.

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    Training And Supervision

    Williamsroad offers one of the leading AAFT-accredited graduate programs in family therapy, and has done so for over 20 years.
    Williamsroad also specialises in tailored training, workshops and short courses for agencies and organisations, where we bring expert practitioners and teachers into your organisation to teach your staff a systemic approach to specific client problems.

    Individual and group supervision in systemic & family therapy is offered alongside a series of Professional Development seminars throughout each year.

    We offer:
    • 4-Day Intensive: Core Ideas and Practices of Family Therapy:
      This course is a prerequisite for participation in the ACU Master of Family & Systemic Therapy, and it is also popular as a standalone program which introduces the most useful ideas of Family & Systemic Therapy.
    • Systemic Conceptualisation & Family Assessment: This 3-day program is especially useful to quickly understand what is going on in a family or a complex human system. It also covers two quantitative evidence-based assessment tools to track client outcomes and improve clinical practice.
    • Family & Systemic Therapy for Straightforward and Complex Problems with Chidren and Adolescents, Level 1 and Level 2: These two 3-day programs provide a powerful combination of leading-edge systemic treatment models, and practical skills and micro-skills for clinical work with children and adolescents.
    • Other intensive programs: contact the Williamsroad reception directly.
    ACU Master of Family & Systemic Therapy

    We have partnered with ACU to deliver a 3-year part time Master of Systemic & Family Therapy, to provide high-quality training in the practice of working with families. The program is tailored to social workers, psychiatrists, nurses, clinical psychologists, school counsellors, counsellors, family doctors, youth workers, pastors, paediatricians and others.
    You can now enrol in the ACU Master program here

    Contact the Williamsroad reception directly if you have questions about the course

    Professional Development Program

    Each year we provide a different set of Professional Development seminars and workshops on specific topics relating to complex practice.
    Workshops typically cover clinical practice with complex individuals, couples, families, children, young men, and major mental illness.

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