Clinical Programs

Multi-Systemic Attachment-Focused Therapy

Williamsroad offers family and community agencies access to multi-systemic options for complex casework. The expertise of our clinical team provides an extension to the work already being done by the service, and enhances therapeutic outcomes for the clients within the existing case management structures.

Current research indicates that family therapy contributes significantly to symptom amelioration and improved client functioning (Miller et al, 2012).

In the Multi-Systemic Attachment-Focused model, the agency brings a referral to Williamsroad, but remains part of the therapeutic treatment team, as the agency is still core to the treatment & support service delivery system.

A variety of options for systemic intervention are available from WRFTC.

One very successful model uses our expert clinical team in a broad systems approach, including the family, the therapist, the case manager, anyone else considered pertinent including extended family and other services.

Agencies contract Williamsroad for involvement with specific families, within a time-specified and resource-efficient structure. The agency may also engage Williamsroad to run a short course in Family & Systemic Therapy for their staff; potentially the four-day intensive or alternatively a customised training program.
Many agencies have found this particular approach to be very successful and also cost-effective, especially for long-standing and apparently treatment-resistant complex families.

Such complex families require a high level of collaborative therapeutic alliance, and detailed & precise systemic conceptualisation. Our specialist teams provide this, as well as structure and guidance in the sequencing and coordination of existing interventions, and we also directly participate in service delivery to the family. Our work has been presented at conferences, both nationally and internationally, and is currently being published.

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Consulting to Organisational Crises

The principles of Family & Systemic therapy can be applied very effectively to organisational, professional and management teams. During a crisis there is often an opportunity to recalibrate the relational and hierarchical structures, and effect substantial and lasting change.

Williamsroad offers organisational consulting services to manage and guide organisational crises, providing systemic intervention during critical transitions.

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