About us

Williamsroad Family Therapy Centre

Williamsroad was founded in 1979 as the first private centre of its kind in Australia. Sophie Holmes took up the co-directorship with Moshe Lang in 1997, and became sole Director of the Centre in 2003. The original premises in Windsor provided the name, and in 2012 the Centre moved to its new home at 298 Hawthorn Road in Caulfield.

Our Caulfied premises have been designed specifically for Family Therapy. The building and gardens have the look and feel of a family home, and each consulting room is warm and welcoming, especially for children and young people. The large back room was purpose built for teaching workshops and seminars, and we find that it is always alive with team discussions and collaboration. Integrated audio-visual systems connect the rooms to facilitate group supervision and team collaboration.


Families and communities which are healthy, resilient, warmly and strongly connected, and good for the people in them.

A competent, well-trained professional team whose work is based on current evidence-based best practice in Individual, Systemic & Family Therapy.

A professional community which contributes to the body of practice-oriented research knowledge.


To provide culturally sensitive therapy and counselling to individuals, groups, couples, and families.

To use clinical research to contribute to the body of knowledge about how individuals, groups, families and larger human systems manage crisis and transition, and the things that help, and the things that don't help.

To provide high quality, leading-edge training for mental health and community care practitioners in Systemic & Family Therapy, equipping them to work with families and larger human systems.

To educate and advocate for systemic & family interventions in schools, government agencies, community bodies, and the healthcare systems.

To be the hub of professional community of Systemic & Family therapists, which prizes and encourages strong relationships, community cohesion, excellence of practice, continuous improvement and lifelong learning.

What we Offer

* Therapeutic services for: Children, Adolescents, Adults, Groups, Couples, Families, and Organisations using Systemic & Family therapy as a core, and including a broad range of other evidence-based practices

* A low-cost individual & family therapy clinic for financially disadvantaged clients.

* A practicum site for clinical, counselling, and educational developmental psycholgists, with a strong focus on working with families

* Consulting services and a range of tailored interventions for schools, community service agencies, mental health services, and other community bodies

* Specialist postgraduate training in Family Therapy: university accredited Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, and Masters of Family and Systemic Therapy through ACU.

* Short courses in Family Therapy, including Professional Development Workshops and Seminars, and a 4-day intensive course in the Core Ideas and Practices of Family Therapy

* Advanced Clinical Supervision and Training on an individual or a group basis for psychologists, psychiatrists, medical practitioners and social workers who wish to maintain excellence of clinical practice in working with families