Four-Day Intensive: Core Ideas of Family Therapy

The most popular course from Williamsroad is the 4-day intensive workshop into Family & Systemic Therapy.
The workshop covers the core concepts and techniques of Family Therapy, using a mix of creative and conventional teaching methods. Course participants will begin by exploring their own and the other group members' families of origin, sibling order, family rules and myths.

Material covered in this workshop includes:

  • Family of Origin, and multigenerational patterns
  • Family relationships, and the importance of family interaction on the personal experiences and struggles of family members
  • Family stories, rules, and myths, and their impact on current relationships
  • The Family Life Cycle, and key stages & transitions
  • Family Experience of Crisis and Therapy
  • The most useful ideas of Family Therapy
  • Joining the family system, developing a balanced alliance, and team work
  • Complex and straightforward relational-emotional systems
  • Interpersonal dynamics and maximising opportunity for change

The 4-day intensive workshop is a prerequisite for the AAFT-accredited ACU Graduate Certificate in Family and Systemic Therapy.
The 4-day Intensive workshop builds group cohesion and a safe & generative learning environment for the first and subsequent years of the AAFT-accredited Williamsroad graduate training program.

This workshop is also an opportunity for experienced family workers, and health & community practicioners, and individual counsellors/therapists, to get an overview of the leading-edge ideas and practices in Family & Systemic Therapy. Non-therapists who wish to learn more about working with family and human systems can also apply. The tools of Family & Systemic Therapy are widely applicable, and can trigger enduring changes.

You can apply using our online application form here

"I attended the 4 day intensive course on family therapy to explore how family therapy concepts would help me in my counselling practice. Sophie, Manel and Peter are fabulous facilitators - Not only did they keep us engaged for 4 days but I walked away from the course with strategies and tools that I could immediately use with my clients.
I am amazed at how effective this course has been. I am now braver, more confident and reassured - and that is just after 4 days! There was a sense of safety, comfort and learning at the Williams Road Centre - a very homely set up that immerses you in the very heart of family therapy. Thank you for the lovely experience"

Dates and Locations for the next Williamsroad 4-Day Intensive

"Online" in Melbourne. Price: $660 (GST inc)

2022: 3-4 & 10-11 Feb 2022

Applications are now open: click here to apply online.

This course is a prerequisite for the AAFT-accredited ACU Graduate Certificate in Family and Systemic Therapy

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